"You never were my type, not in the way you dressed or did your hair, not in the way you talked or laughed, but as I got to know you, it turns out that your heart was."

Bshayer F.R. (via wnq-writers)

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"I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature."

Friedrich Nietzsche (via happy-absturz)

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"My problem is that I think too much. I overthink everything that crosses my path, everything that has crossed my path and everything that might cross my path in the future. I overthink yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s a habit that is slowly tearing me apart. The past keeps me up at night because I feel like I should’ve done things differently at the time, the present worries me because I feel like I’m not doing it differently right now, and ultimately the future terrifies me because I’m scared I won’t be doing things differently in the future, either."

It feels like a vicious circle; something I wrote last night. (via timbllr)

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"On days like this, I can’t help but miss you. I know we can’t go back to where we were, back to what we had. We had some utterly horrible & painful moments, & I never want to through them again. But god, we had far too many brilliant moments. & it is the memories of these moments that make me want you back."
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I wanna fucking kiss someone I actually have feelings for. no stupid pointless hookups that leave you lonely at night. I wanna kiss someone and wake up in their arms the next day. I wanna receive the love I give. I just want something real.


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People who notice everything but remain silent are to be feared.

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